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Online Access Help

On this page you will find help on using “Patient Access” and “Online Consult”.

Patient Access enables you to:
Ask for help from a Doctor or Nurse (This service has replaced asking for an appointment)
Order repeat medication
View your medical records
Send a message to the Practice about non-urgent matters.

Patients can use Patient Access on their phone or via one of the coloured tiles on our website.

Online Consult
This is available at the Green tile on our website and is an alternative way to ask for help from a Doctor or Nurse if you do not have a Patient Access account. It is the same service as the one available through Patient Access, but has the disadvantage that you additionally have to enter your personal details. (Name, Address, Phone number etc).


Please select the type of help you require:

Online guides for Patient Access

Online Guide for Online Consult


A referral to our Health Champion for one-to-one support


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