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It’s important to be kind to yourself.

This is an anxious and stressful time for everyone, and it’s ok if you feel more anxious than usual.
It’s ok to take time for yourself and to manage your Health and Wellbeing.
Take time out use the Video underneath as a tool to help you relax.

Meditation video

We have put together some circles, again tools to help you.

The Emotional circle.

The Feelings circle.


Fill your boots.

Try using this tool to help you. You fill in the boot with all the worrying thoughts you have inside your head. No matter how big or small, try to include everything from work, home life, and the world at large that is causing you stress right now.
Once you feel that you’ve included everything, leave it and take a break.
After a short time, come back, take a look at the list and start to separate what you’ve written into things you can personally control or influence over…

If you would like to chat with us so we can try to help you, please give us your contact details on the form which will open when you click this link.


In the weeks to come, we will have some tips/tools for you to use, to help with most everyday stresses.

They will be things like going back to work, working at home, building your resilience, triggers and signs. Talking tips, making choices, support. Every day stresses, seeking help from Social prescribing.
Seek support, phone us if needed, talking is good. Share with us.
Stay safe, Chris and Joan Health Champions. We are here for you.