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Digital Support


At Dukinfield Medical Practice, you can do the following online:

  • Get access to your medical records
  • Request consultations
  • Message the practice directly
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Get access to records and services for someone in your care (proxy access)

In order to use the functions, it is easier if you have registered for one of the following apps on your phone, tablet/iPad or computer:

(NB: if you set up the NHS app first, this means you have created an NHS login, which will allow you to easily and quickly log into Patient Access, Evergreen Life, plus other NHS services)

You can also use the Evergreen Life app, though this does not integrate with our consultation request system  


You can find or request medical advice or a consultation via our Online Consultation forms.

This can be accessed either via the ‘Online Consultation’ pop up on our homepage, or via the Patient Access app in the ‘Health Advice’ section (please note: you cannot access the form via the NHS app or Evergreen Life)

Option 1 Via the Website: When you access our website (dukinfieldmedicalpractice.co.uk), select the green box ‘Online Consult’ and then ‘Request a Consultation’. You can then select ‘Request a consultation by phone or in the practice and follow the steps through to fill in the online form to tell the practice what problem you are experiencing. This will go straight into the practice clinical system and you will be contacted within 2 working days to follow up on the issue.

Online Consult – Step by Step guide

Option 2 Via Patient Access: You can access our online consultation form via the ‘Health Advice’ section in the Patient Access app. Similarly, you then select ‘Request a consultation by phone or in the practice’ and follow the steps through to fill in the online form.

Patient Access Guide

For support with any of our online services, contact the Digital Healthcare Support Service on 07920 170126

or health@digitalwellbeingproject.org.uk


You can gain access to your medical records using the NHS app, Patient Access or Evergreen Life. You will need to either submit photo ID via the NHS app in order to verify yourself, or you can obtain online access codes from us at the practice, which you can then input into whichever app you choose – these codes will allow you to link your account on the app to us at the surgery.

For more information on how to do this, or for support to set up one of these apps, contact the Digital Healthcare Support Service on 07920 170126 they run FREE weekly workshops in Dukinfield Library to support patients with this. Alternatively, you can refer yourself here.

You may find you only have access to certain parts of your record if you have not requested this from the surgery. You can get more access to your records by completing a form requesting further access and showing a form of photo ID at the practice.


You can order repeat prescriptions using the NHS app, Patient Access or Evergreen Life. You can check your order status at any time on the apps – when it has been signed off by the GP it will change from ‘Requested’ to ‘Approved’. If it says ‘Rejected’, you will need to contact the surgery to find out why.

(NB: Patient Access is the only app that allows you to cancel orders, and also shows you when you are next due to order each medication).


If you have any other queries such as ordering a medication that is not on your repeat list, you can use the secure messaging function on either the NHS app, Patient Access or Evergreen Life for this.


If you are a registered carer, or a parent of a child under the age of 11, you can get Proxy Access to their medical services so that you can act on their behalf (e.g. book appointments, order prescriptions and access their medical records online).

In order to do this, you will need to come to the surgery with some photo ID to prove who you are, and fill out a proxy access consent form. We can then link your records so that you can use all the same online services for the person you are acting on behalf of. Their records will appear as a linked profile within your account on the NHS app, Patient Access or Evergreen Life.

PHONE NUMBER        0161 343 6382