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Patient Access Guide


Patient Access is an online service that allows patients to contact the Practice electronically rather than using the telephone or coming into the surgery.
It can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop personal computers that have internet access.

It can be used to renew prescriptions, ask for medical help by completing an Online Consultation, view medical records, test results and diagnosed problems, or send messages to the Practice

To install it on Android, go to the “Play” store or on iPads/iPhones to the Apple store and search for Patient Access.

The app looks like this:
On desktop web browsers, you can access online at https://www.patientaccess.com/ or alternatively from the Practice website  by selecting the appropriate coloured tile. 

How do I get started?

Contact the Practice to tell them you want to use Patient Access.  They will ask for your email address so that they can send you the information you need to register. You will not be prompted to input this information until you have registered.

To request access to your medical records click here.
Please note, the Practice requires a photograph as proof of identity if you wish to view your medical records online.

A messaging service is available and if this does not appear on your account, just ask the Practice to set it up for you.

Registration is explained in the video further down the page.

We would appreciate feedback on whether you have found the following guidance useful; also if anything is unclear or if something is incorrect, please tell us here.

Do you need help in registering with, installing or using the Patient Access facility?  If so please describe your problem here and one of our Health Champions will get back to you.

Register as a New Online User.

This video can be played full screen by clicking on the broken-square shape at the bottom right of the video which looks like this: 

To return from full screen, re-click the same icon.

Please note that the advice about raising an appointment no longer applies, you must complete an Online Consultation form via the Health Advice section.


How to use the individual services

Ordering a Repeat Prescription

Viewing Patient Medical Records, Test Results and Documents

Requesting Help from a Doctor or Nurse

Sending Messages to the Practice

Firstly, sign into Patient Access

On Phones and other small screen devices:

You will see a bar at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the three dots.

You will then see three options: Medical Record , Messages, and Health Advice. To view your medical records you will need to contact the Practice.
Most people will see the Messages option. If not, ask the Practice to make it available to you.

These options will be explained later.

On Personal Computers (PCs), Macs and other large-screen devices:

The options are the same as on a phone, but the menu will be on the left-side of the screen.

Ordering a Repeat Medication

Click on Repeat Medication on the menu.

On the next screen, click on New Medication Order

On the next screen, click on the Plus sign (+) for each item that you require. Then select Request Medication

On the next screen, click on Order Medication. 

After two working days, go back to the Repeat Medication selection to check that your prescription has been sent to your Pharmacy of choice. 

Viewing Medical Records.

No matter what device you are using, just select the Medical Records option and all the information will be presented to you.

Requesting Help and Advice from a Doctor or Nurse.

The Practice uses a triage system called Online Consult.  You no longer ask for an appointment, but instead, you complete an online consultation form describing your problem, how long you have had the symptoms etc and submit it to the Practice.  Your needs will then be given the required priority (triaged) and your details passed on to the appropriate clinician who will then contact you within 48 hours.

Procedure for completing the Online Consultation form:

On the Menu:

Click on “Health Advice”

On the next screen, click on “Contact your practice” and on the next page click “Contact your Practice about a health problem” and on the next page click on “Start

Click the three consent boxes and “Continue” to proceed.

The next page is where you can describe your medical problem and symptoms.
Please give as many details as you can in the free text boxes provided to help the doctor or nurse deal with the problem accordingly.

Only send a photo if it will help to clarify your problem.

Then click on “Continue

Check your contact details and click on “Continue

Check your answers and then “Submit”

Your online consultation form has now been sent to the system to be prioritised (triaged) and you will be contacted within the next 48 working hours.

Sending Messages to the Practice

Instead of phoning the Practice with a query, why not use the messaging facility which is included in the Patient Access service? Use it in the same way as you would use the phone for admin queries.  Please be aware that no matter which recipient you choose (reception or Dr Dowling) all the queries will be received by the reception staff who will either deal with it themselves or refer it to a medical practitioner if appropriate.

If you haven’t got the messaging facility on your account, please ask the Practice to set it up for you.